Our network is a group of highly successful students with disabilities and student disability advocates, who are willing to share their stories. Click on any of pinpoints on our interactive map below to checkout the mentors in your area. You can also view read about our active mentors on this page. To connect with one, copy and paste their Calendly link into a new tab and schedule a meeting with them.


This is Ula. She went to a large public university in Wisconsin, class of 2023.
What she studied: Environmental Science with concentration in environmental policy; certificates in criminal justice and Biocore honors

“As a person with an invisible disability, I have had to explain my condition and advocate for my needs countless times. Even so, I have been faced with judgment or felt invalidated. However, the few connections I have made, especially with academic advisors, have been incredibly uplifting and supporting.”

“The denial of reasonable accommodations to individuals who require them is an issue that I want to tackle.”

Image description: In the foreground on the right is a tall sunflower plant with large leaves and a few flowers. To the left, Ula, a fair skinned young woman with shoulder-length mostly straight light brown hair, is seen from the hips up leaning towards the sunflower plant. Ula is wearing gray sweatpants and a fitted short-sleeve gray top with a deep V neckline. She also has a pair of reddish orange sunglasses on her head and a strap from a red purse is across her body from her right shoulder to her left hip. She is smiling with a closed mouth and squinty eyes. Behind Ula on the left side of the image is a tall shrub. In the background are two rectangular buildings with a space between them. The building on the left is mostly red brick, and the building on the right is light in color. A cloudless blue sky can be seen above the space between the buildings.


This is Audrey. She goes to a large public university in Wisconsin and will graduate in 2025.

Majors: Social Work and Disability Rights and Services

“I chose to pursue higher education in order to better my understanding of the world through the eyes of many different perspectives. In addition, I believe that if I want to help others, I need to have the education and tools in order to provide the best resources.”

“I’m most passionate about de-stigmatizing mental illnesses. Because I have several psychiatric disorders, I feel I would be most effective at advocating for our community since I experience the stigma first hand. I especially passionate about raising awareness about suicide.”

Image description: Audrey, a young woman with dark eyebrows and long dark straight hair with light brown highlights, is seen from the chest up. She is wearing a golden yellow tank top. On the left side of the image is a brick wall, which she is leaning on with her head tilted towards it. She is smiling with visible teeth.

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