Are you looking to connect with someone who has navigated a disability in higher education? Or has experience and a passion for disability advocacy? Connect with one of our many students with disabilities who are willing to share their experiences with you and see you succeed! 

Connect with a Mentor

On the left is a graphic of a variety of disabled people outside of a an academic building. On the right is a graphic of dark purple clipboard with a light purple pencil.

Check out the Mentor Profiles

First, check out our Network page and look at the profiles of all the amazingly dedicated disability advocates and mentors, who have joined our network.

Fill out our Mentee Contract

Then after, sign our Mentee Contract. We have everyone’s best interest in mind and want to do our best to ensure everyone feels protected and safe with their mentors.

After you fill out our Mentee Contract, please set up a virtual meeting with one our staff members so that we can figure out which mentor would be best in helping you achieve your mentorship goals. Then we set up a meeting with you and your mentor meet. From there, it will be your responsibility to set up meetings with your mentor.