YOU MAKE DIFFERENCE FOR STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES IN HIGHER EDUCATION: We can do more together! Donations help students with disabilities succeed in higher education by helping us foster meaningful spaces where people with disabilities can connect, network, and empower one another through mentorship and group discussions!

Join us this summer for our first annual A Plunge For Us Fundraiser Challenge between May 25th – September 2nd, 2024!!! Here is how to participate:

  1. Record yourself “plunging” into any body of water (pool, lake, ocean, pond, puddle, shower, etc.) and challenging 3 or your friends to “plunge for A Place for Us” and/or donate as well.
  2. Donate at least $5 to A Place For Us through our Venmo or PayPal (linked below).
  3. Post your video social media pages and tag the 3 friends you “challenged” in your video

A Place For Us

8 E. Randolph St. Unit 3308

Chicago, IL 60601

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